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Innovation at the Core: Utilizing Serverless Technologies & AWS for Outstanding Results.

At the core of our work lies a strong commitment to innovation. We utilize the power of Serverless technologies and the robust AWS platform to deliver outstanding results for our clients. We stay ahead of the curve by using popular JavaScript frameworks and continuously keeping up with the latest developments in the field. Our focus remains on delivering exceptional outcomes and creating a positive impact for our clients.

Vue.js logo: Versatile blue-green V, trust, growth, seamless UI.


Vue.js is a modern and popular Web development framework using the JavaScript language. We build the majority of our applications with this technology.

Logo Nuxt.js: Dynamic diamond, green growth, tech innovation.


Nuxt.js is a variant of Vue.js. We mainly use it for the creation of websites where SEO requirements are important.

PWA logo: Device screen, waving pattern, smooth, fast, reliable experience.

Progressive Web Apps

The PWA looks like a mobile application, but remains a Web application. From a business point of view, it is advantageous, as it is not necessary to develop three applications (Web, iOS and Android).

Node.js logo: Green hexagon, versatility, stability, growth.


Node.js is an indispensable technology for all of our digital products. It allows us to realize microservices that are invisible to the user, but vital to applications.

AWS logo: Black text, A to Z arrow, comprehensive cloud solutions.

Amazon Web Services

We use a wide range of AWS products such as DynamoDB, Lambda, Api Gateway, S3, CloudFront and Cognito to develop scalable and affordable solutions.

Logo Serverless: Red cloud bars, server freedom, energy, simplicity.


Serverless technology allows us to reduce operating costs by over 90%, simplify maintenance and achieve a high level of performance in peak periods.

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